Monday, 8 July 2013

The Great Awakening - HERE. NOW.

by India in Facebook Group "The One People: Shifting Banking Discussion" Group

Reproduced with kind permission.


Image source dated 09 November 2011. Now, wasn't that prophetic ??  : )

This is for those of you who are wishing to be 
PART of this change you want to see. 

The thing some fear could NEVER happen, is actually transpiring. Wayyyyy too much to try to put into a post, but The One People [the 7.6 Billion of us] are in the wake of a rogue wave of consciousness. 

There are at LEAST +/-10 million mobilised at this time awaiting our signal - as we are finalising a LEGALLY SOUND, PERFECTED SUPERIOR CLAIM on the financial system. These tools or documents of transparency are to be released at any moment which will provide the populace at large with the documentation, in TEMPLATE form, to be able to use the ENERGETICS, not simply fancy manoeuvring, to access our own value, embodied. There is little known, the fact that each person is bonded to the tune of $5B gold and $5B silver - representations of our souls and our bodies. This has never been accessible to the Ones before and these instruments will cause the banks to have to be re-purposed, as being used to do business with us as the DEBTORS instead of the DEBTEEs. 

With the system exposed, to NOT recognise the docs, for the banks would force them into nullifying any charter, since this system is what they play by and the templates shall be available in system language the banks also use and apply. Essentially, you can go into a banking institution and access your own energy value ourselves (the same as they have harvested from all of us as 'slaves') and turn it into WHATEVER amount/ type of currency exchange you choose as a vehicle.  All the background of this can be found at links below.  Every world government was officially FORECLOSED UPON, on paper via the UCC in October 2012. They went viral on Dec 26, 2012. 

By Jan 2013, we have served every establishment with notice, using unrebutted International Law of the filings . By March, 10M+ people were then using the tool of Courtesy Notices to serve on corporate legal institutions masquerading as world governments, police, utilities, companies, judges, creditors and banking institutions to nullify their fictitious corporately manufactured back-screen debt. None could rebut the claims, as doing so would cause them to incriminate themselves. ignoring it loses by DEFAULT. 

The THOUSANDS of resignations in the financial sector, the sudden abdications, the arrests of higher ups in the alphabet agencies globally, the Vatican banking scandal, LIBOR, IMF, +++ ...all are related to these filings. In less than 6 months, the One People's Public Trust and its works have surpassed the 'president of the corp. USA' in search engine responses. Anyone interested in following these events... we have a group open... 

Peace, Love and LIBERTY, for all .... # One

- India Irie

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Mark House said...

India has found the wording to make this go viral!

Send it to everyone...share it with the best intent.

<3 it!!!

BronnyNZ said...

Thanks Mark for your encouragements. Yes... It's a great post. I wonder if India has thought about writing her own blog. I think she'd have a keen readership : )