Monday, 8 July 2013

Project XIII On Its Way... Technical Details In Refinement Stages


Project 13 was originally created to facilitate data exchanges between groups of people who had reasons to know each other in the real world. It was the brain child of a software dev who was looking to create a solution that didn't sell your information or advertise to you. The VEXS protocol, based loosely off of Isaac Asimov's I Robot, was born out of a desire to see software fall under the hands of the people it was written to serve; not create a creature that runs amok of social norms. We hope that you'll participate in this experience. Join forces with a team of people who believe that thus far the role of software in society has been misused - who want to see software used in it's proper place. Help us in correcting that balance..

"Data Policy"

We at Project XIII have no interest in your data. We have not built any back doors into the system that allow us to see what's going on. We refuse to do so. Your data will be safe with us. We have no idea what you are talking about and will strive to make every effort to do so. We keep your encrypted data for three days. Your friends have that much time to download your updates, messages, comments, etc. After that period of time the server deletes the data.

That being said... You have to remember your password! We have no ability to reset it. Only you can do so. So please make sure to remember your password or write it down in a safe place.

We do use notifications and have future plans to expand their use. You have the option of turning them on or off. Please make sure that you understand any charges that this may incur with your provider.

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