Thursday, 18 July 2013

Repossessed Car Returned to Owner - by Nina Svanes

Nina Svanes:  I must share a story, several of my friends are reacting to this and think its very strange.  In August 2012 I stopped paying my car loan.  A month ago I received a letter from enforcements officers that they were going to come and take the car.

To make the story short, I responded by sending a CN and my freedom declaration.  I said I cannot stop you from taking my car, but I am not giving it away voluntarily and I am not consenting in the reason why they are taking it. 

They took the car, but exactly one week later the same man that came and took the car for the enforcement office called me. He said he was going to give it back to me, because the enforcements officers didn't want it.

I was so shocked I started laughing. And asked why they don't want the car. He didn't know why, but I was supposed to get a letter explaining it. I still haven't received a letter explaining it... 

My friends think its very weird that they gave the car back to me, and with the plates on even, that never happens... :)

So I still got my car, and I think something good is happening...    : )

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